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Core Power

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Pain Relief

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Get Ripped... Trim Inches... Feel Good Again!

Here's the story:
"Without a doubt... a roman-chairis the SECRET to explosive power, beautiful curves, and feeling good."
Dr. Knudsen, Owner of a Provo Physical Therapy Clinic

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Need A Beach-Ready Body?


The Real Secret
To Beautiful Curves

sex appeal
The Best Exercise For
A Beach-Ready Body


Roman chairs are the preferred exercise equipment if your fitness goals include: "trimming my waistline! — turning the "baby fat" around my mid-section, buttocks and thighs into lean muscle:

  • Discover how to look fabulous in a swim suit
  • Firm your gluteal muscles & hamstrings
  • Flatten your abs and strengthen your back
  • Smart fact: building more muscle
    increases your "fat-burning" metabolism

Bodycraft 45/90 Degree
Roman Chair
Bodycraft 45°/90° RomanChair:
Recommended For Beautiful Curves


Bodycraft makes an adjustable 2-in-1 model:

  • Select either a 45° or a 90° (flat) exercise angle
  • Start with easier workouts at 45 degrees
  • Progress to heavier workouts at 90 degrees
  • Thigh pad was rated "most comfortable" by
    Dr. Knudsen; it is one solid piece with a
    groove down the middle
  • Tested & proven exercise... not your
    infomercial "abs or buns of steel" gimmick
lower back pain

Got Back Pain?     


Discover What It's Like
To Feel Good Again!

back pain exercise
The Best Workout For Back Pain Relief!

The ultimate workout for back pain was developed by Teddy Ofeldt in the 1978 at his training institute in Karlslunde, Denmark. Get our free video only at to learn how...


This video will teach you how to perform this amazing workout:

  • Three vital exercises that are key to pain relief
  • How to perform the exercise properly without the need of an expensive trainer
  • How does it work? Increased vascularization to get more blood to your trunk muscles.
  • Discover how to get amazing results just thirty days

Bodycraft 45/90 Degree
Roman Chair
Get A Roman Chair For Ofeldt Exercises!

Discover a method to relieve your
back pain, so you can return to
living life to the fullest...
without pain-limitations!


Got back pain? This roman chair exercise
routine may be the key to your cure!

  • It's the key to feeling good and moving
    with ease
  • Because muscle dysfunction
    always follows pain...
  • You must focus on
    improving muscle function
    to relieve chronic pain

core strength

Want Rock-Hard Core Muscles?


Harness Explosive Core Power
To Crush The Competition

core strength
Your Core Strength Is Where It All Starts


So why is core strength so important?

  • Because all healthy movement begins with activation of the core muscles.  In fact, before you lift your arm from your side, the first muscles to activate are the muscles of your mid-section... not your shoulder muscles.
  • Power - A strong core enables you to perform weight-bearing movements and reduce your risk of injury.
  • Agility - a strong core leads to faster reaction time, better body awareness, improved coordination and flexibility.
  • Stability - a strong core means better spine control... to prevent disc ruptures, muscle spasm and back strains.

Bodycraft 45/90 Degree
Roman Chair
Get a Ripped, Powerful, Explosive Set Of Core Muscles

What is the best way to increase core strength?

  • A roman chair / hyperextension machine is
    crucial if you want a competitive edge — so
    you can crush the competition! 
  • Here is Dr. Knudsen's formula for developing
    a powerful core:
  • Safety x Optimal Positioning equals Massive
    Gains in Core Muscle Power!
  • Dr. Knudsen recommends the
    Dual Hyperextension or the
    Bodycraft 45/90 roman chairs
    to develop explosive core muscle



I decided to get the 45/90 degree roman chair by Bodycraft.

"After spending time researching the excellent information on your site... I chose the 45/90. I liked the idea of being able to progress from the easier (45 degree) workout angle to the more difficult (90 degree). I found the thigh pad to be extremely comfortable, like I read in Dr. Knudsen's review. I was worried about putting it all together, but the instructions were easy to follow. It only took me about 30 minutes to put together."

Wendy S. - Tennessee

After careful consideration I chose to buy from your site.

"I noticed that your prices were just as low or lower for the Powertec Dual Hyperextension than all the other web sites, but your information was so much better that I wanted to give you my business.

I felt safer knowing that has been around since 1999 and that I could trust that your company would delivery the goods in a timely manner. I was very pleased with your service and I can tell that these roman chair hyperextension exercises are going to build my core muscles.

I can already see a difference... my back and abs are getting ripped already."

Sam F. - Oklahoma

Thanks for the FREE roman chair workout video
and the excellent customer service!

"I watched your bonus video - it helped me to understand how to use my equipment better. Seeing that you have the lowest price, too... it was a "no brainer" to buy from the web site. Thanks for all the great information and the quick customer service. I was glad to receive the emails that told me when my roman chair would arrive!"


After 13 years of experience selling roman chairs online...
we make the choice simply for you! Choose one of the two roman chairs below and MAKE IT YOURS.

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